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    Posted on December 14th, 2005 Alan 5 comments

    I’ve switched my online news aggregator from Bloglines to Newsgator.  First, I wanted to try it out and compare it to Bloglines.  I like the interface better, especially in how you mark things as read.  I’ve swithched for good.  I mainly switched so that I can continue using RSS Bandit and get the benefit of syncing between it and an online news aggregator (supported in latest RSS Bandit release)

    Warning, when you export your subscription list from Bloglines in order to import into Newsgator, you’ll want to edit it and remove the high-level "Subscriptions" node, otherwise all your subscriptions will be created inside a folder called subscriptions.


    5 responses to “Newsgator Online”

    1. The Value of Web Platforms: Bloglines vs. Newsgator Online

    2. The Value of Web Platforms: Bloglines vs. Newsgator Online

    3. Hey Alan,

      I hear ya – the syncing capabilities are sweet. I am not sure if you have a MS Mobile device, but if so keep an eye on http://www.smartfeed.org. I recently wrote a mobile reader that syncs with NewsGator Online and will be releasing as Beta soon. It makes my life easier (I can weed through all my feeds on device), and I think will benefit others as well!


    4. The Value of Web Platforms: Bloglines vs. Newsgator Online

    5. I currently use Newsgator as well, because I find it cleaner-looking and easier to manage than Bloglines. I especially like how easy Newsgator makes it for me to save and use “clippings” (favorite feed articles). It’s far from perfect, but it’s my favorite newsreader at the moment. It helps me find lots of great feeds that I can use in Business Blog Wire posts. Now if I could only cut down my number of feeds from about 900 to 300!

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