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  • Ellie the Jack Russell

    Posted on July 24th, 2005 Alan 4 comments

    I should have posted when we made our decision to get the Jack Russell.  Jane felt strongly about getting a small dog.  My Australian Cattle Dog will have to wait for another time. Besides, they had gone to visit a breeder in Lulling and already had their sights on a female pup.  Ellie has been with us for about a month. We picked her up on June 28th.  Cute aint she?


    4 responses to “Ellie the Jack Russell”

    1. that cute little puppy looks so adorable!!!! I bet you all love it alot

    2. Yes we do. She is perfect for our family and we get many compliments on how cute she is. Thanks for your comment.

    3. […] Ellie, our Jack Russell, has already been vetted.  I had no desire to own a dog but I was fighting a losing battle with Jane and the three kids.  I threw out the obvious arguments: "it's a big responsibility", "who will take care of her?", "who will pick up after her?".  Of course they ALL said they would.  I finally told Jane I would leave the decision to her because I knew the kids would not be responsible enough to care for her and it would ultimately fall on her.  I help out a little but not that much.  I want everyone to understand and feel the consequences of their decision. […]

    4. […] had a microchip installed under Ellie’s skin.  It’s somewhere between her shoulder blades or nearer the bottom of her […]

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