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  • The princess is in the house.

    Posted on February 14th, 2005 Alan No comments

    This morning I experienced one of those traumatic moments a father inevitably experiences.  I had a wardrobe selection malfunction.  My wife was at work and I was responsible for getting my 4 year old to pre-school.   It was time to leave and as I hurried to get my youngest dressed, even though she and her mom picked out the outfit the night before, she exclaims "I don’t like these pants".  I’ll spare you the details of the next few minutes but there was frustration and crying involved and not all of it from my daughter.  Drawers were overturned, clothes was strewn, and finally I called my wife to bail me out.  Suffice it to say  a satisfactory outfit was agreed  upon and the scary moment for me passed.

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