Why music is an important part of our culture

Why music is an important part of our culture

“Explain why music is an important part of our culture”

That’s the question that was to be answered by my six year TigerCub scouts in order to earn a music belt loop.
I thought I could spend a few minutes on the web and whip out a quick presentation for the boys.  It was not that easy, actually, to locate the answer.  I found this article titled “Benefits of Music Education” on an advocacy for music in school page.
I’ll have to submit a request to wikipedia for a page on “Music and Culture”

Here is my presentation  resulting from my research.  Remember, this is for six year-olds:

Why is music an important part of our culture (life)?

• Music can change your mood. It can make you feel good or sad or excited.

• Music can show your pride: Lake Pointe School Song.

• Music can teach us about how we live and about how others live.  (Music is a way to understand our cultural heritage as well as other past and present cultures)

• Music is used to tell a story.

• People use music to teach and to explain things. (People use music to carry forward ideas and ideals)

• Music helps bring people together (Choir, clubs, bands, concerts)

• Music is a way for people to connect with each other (School song, Church)

• Music is about communication, creativity and cooperation (Kids programs-Lazy Town-20 times up, 20 times down, Military marches)

Update June 22, 2017:

Click HERE for a more comprehensive article answering why music is important in our culture


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  1. thank you for your information on the music belt loop i will be using it on our camping trip for one of our activities it will be for the whole pack
    thank you christina

  2. Bev, Christina, I’m happy that you were able to use the information in my post for your pack. Good job in finding this post!
    I have a website for my Tiger Cub Den. Though it’s primarily info about our Den’s activities, you might find other useful information.
    Pack72 Den 4 Tiger Cubs

  3. Thank you for the information about why music is important to our culture.

    I am a Webelo Den leader. My Scouts are 4th and 5th graders. As Webelos, they earn Activity Pins. One of the pins is Showman-Puppetry/Music/Drama. A requirement for Music is to earn the Music Belt Loop. The information will be very helpful.

    P.S. Got any puppet ideas?

  4. Wow. All that homework and here you are! Thanks for adding to my presentation for my Tigers. This will be a key part and a great way to start, especially for me who’s always all over the place. Luv’ya.

  5. Awesome! Who knew when I typed in “why music is important in culture” on my search engine for an answer to the Cub Scout belt loop that I would really get one? Thanks so much!!!!

  6. What a blessing to find such great information to my exact question. Thank you so much for your hard work. I am a Wolf Den Leader and we are working on the Music Belt Loop as well. This will definitely help us!

  7. I’m an Akela-Mom trying to help her Tiger Cub-son earn his music belt loop. I appreciate you making it so much easier for the rest of us. I knew when I read that first requirement that it was going to be a little tough to find a concise answer to that question. I just did not think I would get so lucky on the internet.

    Thanks again!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us and making your responses so easy to find! I’m preparing for the Music Belt Loop/Showman Activity Badge for tomorrow night’s meeting — with a brain that is mush after hosting a (no)sleep- over birthday party for my son. You saved me quite a few brain cells! Thanks again so much,

    Susan Nosko
    Pack 94
    Charlotte, NC

  9. Thank You so much. We are working on this beltloop. I never would have thought when typing in the Music is important to our culture…that my first hit would be another..cub mom.

    Pack 222

  10. Received via email today:

    Why music is an important part of our culture

    Greetings from a Webelos Leader. I thought I would google around and see how others approached this question as my son and I talked about music. I tried to post to your Weblog but did not figure out how to register.

    I thought of how music reflects events and legends of our culture from the Johnny Appleseed Grace to With Her Head Tucked Underneath her arm to Abraham, Martin and John.

    I thought of Music I marched to in the Navy and how that spurred us on–but also how we could march not just with John Phillips Suza but also with Otis Redding–especially when we looked forward to home leave.

    I thought of how many jingles I new from our advertising culture and from American TV….and then I thought…which culture am I talking about?

    Ging Gang Guli and the Happy Wanderer and Scout Vespers are a part of our Scouting and Camp Culture. The Chicken Song and Threw It Out the Window are part of our Pack Culture. Hymns are part of our church culture but Do Lord and Let the River Flow and Allelu are part of our Parish Culture. The Beach Boys are a part of Summer Culture.

    Wow, I am a member of lots of cultures….and music helps define each of them.

  11. A second email received from Michael J. L’Abbe:

    Are you Webelos now?

    Thought I also might pass on a piece I wrote for Why We SIng in

    Singing is Fun.

    Singing has Tremendous Power.
    Singing is part of your patrol and troop program.
    Singing establishes the group.
    Singing builds enthusiasm.
    Singing sets the mood.
    There are songs for every mood and every occasion. Singing builds leadership. Singing can be creative. Singing makes work go faster. Singing can be done camping, hiking, working. Singing makes a ceremony special. Singing can be done in the rain. Singing can be done in the morning. Singing can be done inside or outside. Singing and Songfests are part of the campfire program. Singing is a meal ticket. Singing is international. Singing builds traditions. Singing builds strong troops and patrols. Singing build friendships. Singing passes time in lines and on trips. Singing builds Scout Spirit.

    Boys like to sing.
    —Michael J. L’Abbé

    Noble and manly music invigorates the spirit,
    strengthens the wavering man,
    and incites him to great and worthy deeds.
    —Homer: The Illiad, c.1000 b.c.

  12. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR INFO!!!! I am a parent of three boys one boyscout and one weeblo the last one is a bear. So this will help out alot. Thank you so much. I have spent a long time trying to find the right defination for the kids to be able to use. karen

  13. Thanks so much for your hard work in searching for this answer. I am a assistant tiger cub leader, for my son, and was having trouble finding the answer. I appreciate your hard work.

  14. Thank you for the music belt loop info, I’m doing this as a last minute wolf den meeting project and your posting was the first one I pulled up. Perfect!Pack 3538 / Utah.
    Iv’e had a family reunion, 2 funerals and a family vacation that all happened within 3 weeks, and all of them in Idaho. With not alot of time to prepare with all that has been going on, I appreciate the time you put in to post your information.

  15. Thank you so much for your research. This info is helping out yet another last minute scout leader. My Wolves are supposed to be earning the badge today. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  16. Thanks so much for the information. You are the top link in Google and I understand why. We are preparing for the music belt loop for several Wolves and Tigers in our pack and this is perfect!
    Pack 61, Columbia, MD

  17. Thank you Alan for your hard work all those years ago. This really helped me with my new Webelos earn their Music Loop. They are working on Communications and I had them work on using music as a communicaton vessel.
    I’m sure it will help with their Showman as well. Thanks again

  18. Thank you Marla.
    It is very satisfying to know that people are finding and benefiting from that post which of course was the reason I wrote it. To save others the time it took me to compile the list! Kind of you to take the time to comment.

  19. you guys are really go at writing if i were you i could never have done it and this was really usefull for my 5th grade homework assignment. thanks

  20. Your the best, can not thank you enough for gathering all this information. Gods blessings to you and your family. Roooar Tigers!!

    pack 4501 Bremerton, WA

  21. Mr. Kleymeyer. I am a Boy Scout, running a music belt lop class at a Cub Scout Belt Loop Workshop. This is great information. It was very helpful and, of course, I sited you as my source. Thank you.

  22. Thank you Alan and all for the great information. I too am working w/ my son on his music belt loop. Most of the information on the web was far too philosophical for kids.

    Pittsburgh, PA

  23. Thanks, For the Information.It was my turn to do music for my son’s tiger scout belt look. I was happy to see this site since Mr Alan has explained it very well.

  24. Thank you so much. when I googled this for my tiger and bear scout this is the first thing that popped up and we greatly appreciated your hard work.

  25. Thank you for this information! I am in charge of planning the scout activities this month (we are going to work on earning the music beltloop) and am so happy to find this information. Thank you for sharing!

  26. Alan,
    Thank you for your post. After assembling a CD of different styles of music to use during our pack “Freeze Dance” game, I was trying to get more ideas on how to answer the music and culture question for the belt loop. Just like some others, I Googled the question and your blog post come up. For those that find this after me, I did find a nice quote from the poet Victor Hugo: “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Maybe it’s too deep for Tigers, but the Webelos might somewhat understand. Also, I think I’ll “music is fun” to the list. :)

    Thanks again,
    Pack 229, River Edge, NJ

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