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    Posted on September 13th, 2004 Alan No comments

    Ok. Gotta find out once and for all what the nature of this animal is.
    I went to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page one of the most popular Wikis of an online encyclopedia to research the topic.  I include for future reference these useful pages:

    WikiLog-combining wikis and weblogs
    Wiki as a Weblog
    Starting your own Wiki
    I setup a wiki named SDWiki at seedwiki.com. Just type in SDWiki in the Find a Wiki field in the upper tight corner.
    Serving up your own wiki
    WikiPedia Debate

    …we both find seedwiki’s user interface to be more difficult. That is why I want to try swiki. The one advantage that LiveJournal has is the availability of client programs to make entries without using a browser, or being online. [E-Portfolios for Learning]

    PBWiki – PBWIki has a nice uncluttered interface.  They make it easy to change the theme of your site.  I love that PBWiki has added RSS support.  I’ve become more familiar with Wiki’s since I first created this post, and enjoy using them, however they still don’t feel quite ready for mainstream use.  The first issue I have with Wiki’s is the special coding you must know to format your text.  I don’t understand why they don’t offer WYSWIG editing or at least use HTML to do the formatting.  The second issue is that management of changes and rollbacks seem primitive.  I’m waiting for the day they incorporate a true DIFF display of changes that us programmers are accustomed to using for code.

    www.wikimatrix.org – awesome site comparing wiki software. I used their help-me-choose wizard and got exactly one match:

    Okay. You want
    installable software with WYSIWYG editing and a page history which uses file based storage and is Free and Open Source and which is written in C or C# or C#/XSLT or C++.

    There is exactly one Wiki available matching your criteria:

    • Perspective Details

    Perspective Website

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