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  • How my blog got discovered

    Posted on September 24th, 2004 Alan 1 comment

    There’s another way to have your blog discovered. Don’t do anything! Just right about what you love and people just may find you. I wrote about teaching my kids to play poker and got two emails from news agencies wanting to interview me. The first was from a local Fox affiliate in Chicago and the second was a NewsWeek reporter. I just got off the phone with the NewsWeek reporter. I’m sure they each found me through Google. I had two referals from google: “Kids Poker” & “Kids and Poker”.

    If you aren’t aware, one undeniable truth in obtaining “Google Juice” is to pick good titles for your post. When Google returns the results, if your title doesn’t accurately reflect the content of your post, people are not going to click on it.

    Update Oct 3:
    Newsweek flew a photographer and his assistant from California to my home in Austin on Friday, and they spent three hours taking pictures. They said chances are good they will use something from the photo shoot in their upcoming story on Poker.


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