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  • SocialDynamX for NetFlix

    Posted on March 16th, 2004 Alan No comments

    One of my favorite activities on the web is managing my NetFlix account.  It’s like shopping for Christmas.  Though for a website, it’s pretty good, the experience could be soooo much better.

    Enter SocialDynamX.  I would love to write a front-end to NetFlix.  Someone has already done it for the Mac.

    MT Plugin to read Netflix Queue
    NetFlix: Open up or Die

    Moveable Type has a plugin that pulls your Netflix queue for display on your page. Has anyone worked out one for pMachine?

    The MT one is here: http://mt-plugins.org/archives/entry/netflix.php

    Well, I took a look at the MT plug-in and honestly it should not be using the SessionID at all. Every time you log in to that site the Session ID changes, which means you have to update your variable in the script. A pain if there ever was one.

    What one would likely want to do is use fopen to POST to the Login page the username and password. Grab whatever cookies are sent back by grabbing the http headers, and then use fopen to do a GET request to the Queue page and parse the html sent back to find out what movies are in the queue. Write those to a file or put them in a database, and then have that page or database table called somewhere else. A great deal of work, honestly, and I am not sure how much better a solution it would be then you just putting them in a weblog entry yourself and calling that somewhere. Not as dynamic, but the way the NetFlix site is set up, there is no easy dynamic solution to this problem.
    I agree that this is one plugin from MT I don’t really care to see. Not that it wouldn’t be cool, but Netflix isn’t setup in a good way to export such information.

    I’d rather see more done with Google API and Amazon API.

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