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  • Social Networking services. Where’s the beef?

    Posted on March 26th, 2004 Alan 1 comment

    Some aren’t buying the social network phenomena. Sample comment from Dan Gillmer’s post:

    Many current social networking apps, especially the FOF apps, do something that, while technically possible to do, doesn’t solve a *real* problem. They provide: random networking — vs. meaningful connections; no boundaries — boundaries are crucial for healthy relationships; no sense of purpose and no clear social protocols. The more interesting social networking software is emerging in the e-democracy space. Groups like moveon.org are addressing real human needs to connect/bring people together both virtually and physically around a sense of purpose. Dan, you’re not missing anything….I can’t bring myself to join any of the FOF social networks…too much of an invasion of privacy and an invitation to be deluged with random requests/connections.

    Posted by: Linda on March 21, 2004 07:48 AM

    Five reasons Social Networking doesn’t work [via Scoble]

    Ingrid, IMHO Orkut and Technorati are useful for ‘running into’ new people to meet but are not useful for creating or reinforcing groups because the they do not provide compelling communication channels that binds people. Belonging to an Orkut community, for example, involves is no more compelling than joining a book club.

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