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  • Can Apple out innovate Microsoft?

    Posted on December 10th, 2003 Alan No comments

    I’ve never owned an Apple PC. I’ve developed on one a while back. I don’t dislike Apples, I simply make my living off Windows and prefer to own hardware that most of my family and friends own. Jane’s laptop running Millenium is due to be replaced soon. I plan to make a case to replace it with a Mac. For her purposes of surfing, emailing and an occasional Word flyer, the Mac will do fine. And I know she will enjoy the software. She’s never experienced a Mac or the innovative software that runs on it. Of course I won’t mind having the Mac in the house either. Just because I choose not to use Macs doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them or wouldn’t enjoy one.

    Anyway, about the title. Read what Steve Job’s has to say about Longhorn

    [Via Scobelizer]

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