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  • Don’t Follow Your Passion

    Posted on September 7th, 2015 Alan No comments

    Unconventional speech by Ben Horowitz at Columbia University

    Don’t Follow Your Passion

  • Kristen Texas Warriors Elite 2019. 2015 Spring/Summer.

    Posted on August 1st, 2015 Alan No comments

  • Superior way to lace up your shoes for sports

    Posted on July 9th, 2015 Alan No comments

    I tried this today with my new Tennis Shoes before playing Tennis and it REALLY WORKS!  I’ve hurt my big toe due to my foot sliding to the end of the shoe and jamming my toe but never again.  My toes have never felt more comfortable!


  • David 2014- 2015 Lacrosse Highlights

    Posted on February 24th, 2015 Alan No comments

  • Kristen’s 2014 8th Grade Basketball Highlights

    Posted on February 21st, 2015 Alan No comments

    So much fun to watch.

  • Your kid will not play in the pros

    Posted on November 21st, 2014 Alan No comments
    Kristen Pitching 12u

    Kristen Pitching 12u

    The title of this post is an accurate statement except for a very very small percentage of kids that play in high school and college.

    Naturally, as a parent, you want to give your player every opportunity to achieve their goals, just make sure you aren’t projecting your goals on to them.  As I like to say, you can’t want it more than they do!

    Click the link below for a very good article on the subject.

    Your Kid and My Kid Are Not Playing in the Pros

    There are far too many variables working against your child. Injury, burnout, others who are better – these things are just a fraction of the barriers preventing your child from becoming “the one.”

    When I inform you as a parent that your child has just ruptured their ACL ligament or Achilles tendon, if the next question out of your mouth is, “How long until he or she will be able to play?” you have a serious problem.

    Your Kid is Not Going Pro

    Here are the numbers (from 2011)

    Football:  1,108,441 High School players.  6.1% go on to play in the NCAA.  Of the 15,086 NCAA football players, 1 in 50 are drafted in the NFL.  Only 8 in 10,000 of high school seniors will actually be drafted and play professional football.

    Baseball: 471,025 high school players.  6.4% of high school seniors go on to play in college.  Baseball players actually have the best chance of going pro-a whopping nine in 100 of NCAA seniors (9%) well be drafted by an MLB team.  Approximately 1 in 200 high school senior boys will eventually get drafted by an MLB team

    Women’s Basketball: 438,933 High School players.  3.5% go on to play college basketball.  Of the 3,491 NCAA senior student athletes, less than 1 in 100 are drafted by the WNBA meaning 1 in 5000 (.03%) of high school senior girls will eventually go pro.


  • Can’t eject drive because it is in use (on Mac) ?

    Posted on November 13th, 2014 Alan No comments

    Get the following dialog when you try to eject an external drive on a Mac?


    You can try identifing the program using the drive with the following command at a terminal prompt:

    lsof | grep DODO

    If this doesn’t help, type:

    diskutil unmount “/Volumes/[drive name]”

    The quotes are in case there is a space in name

    This  donationware app is pretty handy: What’s Keeping Me 

  • Tennis 4.5 40+ Nationals 2014

    Posted on November 2nd, 2014 Alan No comments
    40+ 4.5 Nationals

    Click for Full Size

    Pictured are Anthony Tatu, Guillermo Martin Del Campo, Clay Johnson, Colin Cohen, Steve Gilmer, Darrell Breeden, Mark Richter, Scott Sevin, Alan Kleymeyer, Ed Brady, Andy Swanson.

    My USTA 40 and above 4.5 Tennis team competed in Nationals this weekend in Indian Wells, Ca., representing Texas.  The eventual winner, Middle States was in our pool.  They beat us 2-3 head to head but we ended up tied in pool play. They advanced with a 1 line advantage over us.  They went on to defeat Pacific NW in the semi’s and Hawaii in the Finals.

    Here is our pool results:

    Team Score Indiv. Score
    Team Name Wins Losses Wins Losses Sets Lost Games Lost
    Middle States 2 1 9 8 15 138
    Texas-Austin 2 1 8 7 16 131

    Here is a link to our entire season plus post season results.

    Video clips Here


  • Sports variety helps kids avoid repetitive use injuries

    Posted on October 15th, 2014 Alan No comments

    This appeared in the back page of the Food & Life section of the Austin American Statesman, next to Health & Wellness Wed Oct 15, 2015

    Sports variety helps kids avoid repetitive use injuries

    Not long ago, seasonal athletics gave kids the option of participating in several different sports over the course of a school year. One athlete who knew that was the smart way to play it was baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson. He was the first athlete in UCLA history to letter in four different sports in one year (track, basketball, football and baseball !).

    These days, that’s nearly impossible. Many coaches claim that the only way for a kid to develop into a starter on a varsity team is to be dedicated to only one sport and make a commitment to year-long training. Ironically, that might just make it impossible for your child to play any varsity sport. Here’s why:

    Young athletes who specialize in one sport run a 40 percent higher risk of a repetitive or overuse injury, such as stress fracture or tendon damage. Growth plates, areas of developing cartilage, as well as bones, ligaments and tendons, all mature at different rates. So while some parts of the arm might be strong enough for pitching regularly, the elbow joint might not be. Repetitive stress can cause it to develop abnormally and permanently interfere with functioning.

    So, if you want your budding athlete to enjoy sports all through school — and as an adult — keep her or him safe from overuse injuries. Limit practice time; change up positions played; make sure your child plays more than one sport every year; take breaks between sports; and make sure fun comes first!


    Also related; Should kids specialize in one sport 

  • Things a father should tell his daughter

    Posted on October 2nd, 2014 Alan No comments

    Cassidy 2 days old

    Click here for full list.

    My favorites:

    2) You can do anything a man can do, including organic chemistry, unclogging toilets and assembling IKEA furniture.

    7) Nothing is more attractive than intelligence.

    10) You don’t have to enjoy them, but have a working knowledge of the rules for football and baseball.

    12) You don’t have to *DO* anything for someone to love you. The right person will cross a desert just for the chance to sit next to you at lunch.

    13) Peer pressure is all about insecurity. Be confident in who you are and you’ll never have to “fit in”. People will come to you.

    17) You were flawless the day you were born. If you must go get that first tattoo, please consider inviting your daddy to come and get his first tattoo with you.

    18) You are perfect the way you roll out of bed. Let’s be clear: all that crap you do to “get out the door” is for everyone else’s benefit.

    20) Compare every single boy you ever meet to your daddy. Nobody will love you like he does.

    Oldie but Goodie  Rules for Dating my Daughter: