Why Democrats are losing the Latino vote

Why Democrats are losing the Latino vote

Flip District

Bill Maher explains why latinos are voting Republican more and more. Pandering to them using “latino” issues doesn’t work. They want the same things every American wants. Same for other minority groups. Watch the New Rules episode that lays it all out

“Hispanics by and large are a middle-class, hard-working people,” said Abraham Enriquez, founder and president of Bienvenido US, a conservative Hispanic group that backed Flores. “They’re thinking, ‘Which political party is really driving the economic conversation?’”

Nobody (2021)

Nobody (2021)

Nobody movie poster

Nobody **** 4.8.8 Very satisfying action/revenge/bad-ass-from-previous-life-comes-out-of-hiding movie. Not a deep plot but plenty of action. Stars Bob Odenkirk of Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul fame; 2 of my favorite series.

Osmo Action Camera

Osmo Action Camera

Osmo Action Camera

I have always wanted a hands-free camera. This one reviewed better than the GoPro 9 at half the cost ($199). It has tons of features and the video quality is terrific. Has great stabilization, can shoot time-lapse, Slow Motion, HDR, even 4K. It can shoot 1080P at 240fps! It has a large screen for a camera this size including one in the front you can switch to (as pictures above).

Here is some sample video using a clip for my belt



Why did I wait so long to enhance my new TVs with a Soundbar? I haven’t had good sound from our TV since we lived on Santee Drive in Lake Pointe. Moving into our very first home we had it wired for surround sound. Now what to do with my old Denon component system and speakers I’ve been holding on to.

Did some quick research and settled on two different bars. One for our primary living room 65′ TV and one for our downstairs media room with the 75 TV. Ordered them from Amazon this past Sunday and the first came in one day

VIZIO SB36514-G6 36″ 5.1.4

The VIZIO SB36514-G6 36″ 5.1.4 Premium Home Theater Sound System with Dolby Atmos and Wireless Subwoofer was $350. It was easy to setup, came with 26ft wires for the back speakers. Installed a phone app for it and had it setup pretty quickly. Sounded great. Not only sports, shows and movies but this system is going to make playing on the XBOX rock!

SAMSUNG 3.1ch A650 A Series

The SAMSUNG 3.1ch A650 A Series Soundbar – Dolby 5.1/ DTS Virtual: X (HW-A650, 2021 Model) was a bit more modest at $298. No back speakers but 3 primary along with the subwoofer. I didn’t want to mess with back speakers in a well trafficked area in our living room. The instructions were horrible, no app. Still fairly easy to setup and with the subwoofer connecting wirelessly, I had it up an running quickly as well. It sounds great and I’m happy with both purchases

Samsung Bluetooth Pairing: Press Source until BT Ready appears. Hold down for 5 seconds until BT Pairing appears. You can now pair with device.

Checking back on Amazon to copy the full name of these soundbars, I notice that the Vizio Soundbar I purchased is now going for $500!

Update Shell Path on Mac

Update Shell Path on Mac

Latest Macs use zsh shell.
Many solutions to adding to the path involve updating the .bash_profile file for bash shell.

I found this to be the simplest solution:

It turns out there is a very neat way to do this in OS X, the /etc/paths file!  The file contains a list (one per line) of paths that are added to the $PATH variable in the shell. Here are some quick directions to add to the path:

  • Open up Terminal.
  • Run the following command:sudo nano /etc/paths
  • Enter your password, when prompted.
  • Go to the bottom of the file, and enter the path you wish to add.
  • Hit control-x to quit.
  • Enter “Y” to save the modified buffer.
  • That’s it!  To test it, in new terminal window, type:echo $PATH
Android Studio Tips

Android Studio Tips

Settings…Editor…General…Auto Import…Optimize imports on the fly

Be sure to add Smart Step Into in your debug toolbar. When there is a chain of function calls, this will prompt you which function you want to step into

Bullfrog Spa

Bullfrog Spa

Our Bullfrog model A7 Spa was delivered this past Thursday. We had ordered it back in June and initial delivery date was October but due to Covid it was delayed until now.

With 5 custom removal JetPacks and 8 total seats, the party house is now complete!

New favorite way to watch sports!
First big challenge

The guys from Southern Leisure Spas got the job done. Watch THIS 45 second video of how they handled this special installation.

Modes of operation:

Away – NO USAGE – Temperature drops 20 degrees from set point at all times. Use when on vacation or plan not to use for at more than 2 weeks

Standard – Beginner – ALWAYS USED – Set temperature maintained at all times (Can use only for on-demand use during the day. Never leave this way)

Energy Saver – EVENINGS, WEEKENDS – Temperature drops 20 degree during the day. Set point maintained evenings and weekends

Super Energy Saver – EVENINGS – Temperature drops 20 degrees during the day. Set point maintained evenings only, every day.

Weekender – WEEKENDS – Temperature drops 20 degrees weekdays. Set point maintained all day on weekend.


A7 capacity: 434gal
Dry weight: 661lbs
Filled weight: 5316lbs
Jetpaks: 5
Pumps: 2
Cost: $12 month ($.10/kw/h at 60f ambient, 102 water temp)

Water Replacement
Replace water every 4 months

Cartridge Replacement (Video)
Replace Grey Smartchlor cartridges every 3-4 weeks (setting at 3-4)
Replace Blue Mineral cartridge every 4 months (setting at 4)
Place grey cartridge facing inside of spa

Filter Care
Replace filter every 1-2 years
Clean filter every 3-6 weeks spraying with garden hose
Deep clean by soaking overnight in filter cleaning agent

Alkalinity (80-120):
Add 4tbsp Increaser per 25ppm
To Lower Alkalinity, the two most popular chemicals available to help you lower the Total Alkalinity in your hot tub are muriatic acid and sodium bisulfate (also known as dry acid). After you’ve added muriatic acid, dry acid or another alkalinity decreaser product, be sure to check the pH level in the hot tub, as the pH level may have dropped as well.
PH decreaser will also decrease alkalinity. About three quarters of a cap to 1 capful will bring it up or down by a color block when using the pH increase or decrease. That depends on the size of your hot tub as well but typically that’s a roundabout measurement.
PH (7.2-7.8) 2.5 capfuls == 2tbs
< 7.2 -> 6 tbsp of Increaser
7.2 -> 4 tbsp of Increaser
7.3 -> 2 tbsp of Increaser
7.6-7.8 -> 2 tbsp of Decreaser
7.8-8.0 -> 4 tbsp of Decreaser
8.0-8.4 -> 7.5 tbsp of Decreaser
Calcium Hardness (150-250)
If > 250 drain 6 inches, refill with low-calcium water
If <150 add Calcium Increaser

Shock Oxider – add 3 tbs (capful) weekly, for heavy use apply twice weekly. After this (non-chlorine) shock, wait 10-15 minutes before entering tub. (1oz per 300 gallons. 1 oz = 2 tbls. 434 gallons takes 1.45 oz or 2.9 tbls)

Dealing with Foam in the Spa

What causes foamy Hot Tub Water:

  1. Things such as drinks, soap, laundry detergent, deodorant, makeup, cosmetics, hair products, body lotions or oils, shampoo and conditioners can cause foamy hot tub water.
  2. Bathing suits fresh out of the washing machine and dryer will be loaded with laundry detergents in the material. The best thing to do is just rinse your hot tub bathing suits with fresh water and then let dry. If your brave enough and have your own private backyard oasis, no swimsuit is always an option!

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